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Founded in 1947, Foundry F.lli Pagliotti has been always abreast of new technologies on casting bronze alloys, with the primary aim of the satisfaction of its clients through the provision of high quality semi-finished parts free from any kind defect and as soon as possible.

Born as a foundry for sand and shell casting, it was subsequently made known to have installed, as one of the first foundry in Italy,the machines to make CENTRIFUGAL TUBES/PIPES in all the alloys of tin bronze, aluminum-bronze, lead bronze, and in special alloys of manganese brass.
We can also provide  CONTINUOUS CAST BARS IN BRONZE in sections round solid, perforated, flat and square.

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The particular attention we devote to the selection and sourcing of raw materials, allows us to deliver to our customers a product that meets all required functionality, including a guarantee of satisfaction that we are being reciprocated by their loyalty.

Our STOCK is constantly updated, the flexibility and experience that characterizes us, allow us to process orders very quickly, a feat in today's market that is much appreciated by our customers who are increasingly operating in international scenarios very dynamic.

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We also trade CAST IRON bars produced in continuous casting in sections round, flat and square. We can provide perforated tubes and flat non-standard measures achieve sectioning of the blocks with a sawing machine tape. This is to give a complete customer care service and in order to represent a different and more rapid solution different from the traditional san cast.

Our experience and our know-how are at your disposal to assist and simplify the choice of material and type of product that best meets your needs and production machining.

Do not hesitate to contact us, you are certainly satisfied!